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What is the VCPP program?

I want to build services utilizing VMware offerings myself, in my own data center (license rental) or utilizing VMware Cloud Services (MSP) I want to own the license terms with my customer and provide support to my customer

VMware Cloud Services

VMware Cloud Services: There are two models used to deliver cloud services – License Rental and Managed Services Provider

VMware Cloud Provider Base Service Catalog

Monetise new revenue streams

The Next Chapter for VMware

  • In Chapter 1, we pioneered virtualisation, giving customers a new level of flexibility in their IT environment and laying the foundation for the cloud model we’re all relying on today.

  • In Chapter 2, we went bigger and broader – virtualising the entire data centre and giving our customers all the benefits of public cloud on-prem.

  • We’re now in Chapter 3 for VMware – our next phase of customer-focused innovation.

Going forward, Multi-Cloud is the centre of gravity for everything we do. We have a long track record of taking constraints and turning them into a flexible asset – it’s what we do. It’s in our DNA.