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Advanced Optics

About Advanced Optics

Advanced Optics is the flagship brand of First Distribution. We mainly focus on development and promotion of new products and technologies in the optical transceiver field. The brand has an excellent reputation, good service, reliable product quality and one of the preferred suppliers for many well-known companies in the fibre optical industry.
First Distribution considers “advanced technology” and “quality products” as innovative completeness to provide solid technology and dependable and efficient service.
As a value add Distribution we offer excellent service, competitive prices, prompt delivery and development of new products within the Advanced Optics brand.

How to get Started

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Advanced Optics offers 155M to 100G Optical transceivers, high speed interconnect products 200G QSDP56 DAC Cable, 100G QSFP28 AOC/DAC Cable, 56G QSFP+ AOC/DAC Cable, 40G QSFP+ AOC/DAC Cable, 25G SFP28 AOC/DAC Cable and 10G SFP+ AOC/DAC Cable. Our products are widely applied to Ethernet, FTTH,SDH,SONET, Data Centre and other communication fields.